Let Go of Overwhelm and Destress in just 20 mins a day.

A guided meditation for high achieving women working though unresolved historic trauma who's negative self-talk keeps you stuck, afraid and limited.


  • Do you find it hard to step back, quiet your overthinking mind and simply be?
  • Are you tired of wearing a smile that hides racing anxious thoughts, worry, fear?
  • Would you like to learn to let go, be still, overcome anxiety and restore inner calm and flow back into your day to day?

Trauma can cause brain fog, illogical thinking, panic and feeling overwhelmed. You jump straight to negative self-talk leads, critical thinking, confusion and can struggle to calm yourself down to focus and see things logically.

Why not learn to calm and quiet your mind and let go of overwhelm with this beautiful empowering meditation.

The Limitless Way Meditation Powerful Benefit #1

  • Overthinking a problem or issue leads to confusion, frustration, overwhelm. Stepping back and putting distance in place between you and your thoughts enables you to problem solve with clarity.  

The Limitless Way Meditation Powerful Benefit #2

  • Ruminating on perceived failures, feelings of imposter, self blame, criticism means you're reliving the moment over and over. But your mind won't know you're only remembering the negative, traumatic, upsetting time. Let go of the past and focus on the present moment. 

The Limitless Way Meditation Powerful Benefit #3

  • Forecasting into the future in an attempt to control outcomes, self and others causes anxiety. Imposter feelings creep in as does fearing the what ifs which leads to avoidant behaviour. Learn to simply be and know you can.

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