A Trio of powerful and deeply transformational hypnosis to help you be a Peak Performer in all areas of life.

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More leaders than we realise are impacted by emotional pain, mindset gremlins and hidden trauma forcing them to struggle daily with destructive and debilitating symptoms... 

  • Does your mindset hold you back from living a life full of purpose, meaning and inner peace?
  • Do you often feel stuck, anxious, overwhelmed?
  • Are you triggered by situations or people and react with extreme emotions?
  • Do struggle to relax, unwind, sleep?

Imagine freeing yourself of self-imposed limitations, and, instead soar to new heights, with confidence, self-belief and clarity - living limitlessly!

If this is something you want, then this trio of powerful, profoundly intuitive and healing hypnosis is for you.

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is a transformational, science-backed therapy that empowers you to evoke positive emotions and rehearse behaviour change. Your subconscious controls almost everything. Hypnosis is a simple, yet powerful tool that enables you to access your subconscious and reprogram it - even deeply entrenched beliefs from childhood.

Release your inner emotional pain, limited mindset and negative thought processes to discover Inner Peace, Flow, and Purpose.

Unlock your authentic, limitless self to be a peak performer by using this series of empowering, profoundly intuitive, and deeply healing hypnosis.  You will let go of tension, emotional pain, anxiety, fear, self-blame, shame and more.

The skills you learn within these hypnosis help build your resilience for better mental health, show you how to manifest a positive mindset and bring out your inner calm.

You will practice and experience incomparably powerful visualisations, mindfulness and deep relaxation hypnosis to move you from inner pain and limitations towards your limitless potential.

Are you ready to unleash your inner cheerleader - to live a life in Inner Peace, Flow, and Purpose?  

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Purchase all 3 hypnosis here - £85 (saving over £10)

Discover Inner Peace

Hypnosis One

Emotional pain, mindset gremlins and hidden trauma can keep you stuck in a cycle where your nervous system becomes dysregulated and causes your body to hold on to tension. As a leader this can be disruptive and exhausting and to lead successfully in all aspects of your life you need to learn to let go.

In Part 1 of the powerful hypnosis series you will:

  • Learn how to let go of tension, relax your muscles and gain a sense of calm from the inside out.
  • Calm your mind and learn to control your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
  • Unburden yourself from emotional pain, mindset gremlins and finally let go of unwarranted shame and guilt.
  • Regulate your nervous system so you recognise what safety feels like.
  • Discover deep, Inner Peace to live in ease every day.

Find Your Flow

Hypnosis Two

Experience a new defining relationship with yourself and begin to step towards a new way of living and being.

As a leader it's easy to lose your flow when your inner critic is noisy. Learn to mute your inner critic and give your inner cheerleader a voice.  This hypnosis can help you find your flow of positivity and internal problem solving and move you away from confusion, self-blame and a negative mindset.

In Part 2 you will:

  • Clear your mind of overwhelm.
  • Gain freedom from confusion, self-blame and negative mindset.
  • Re-programme your subconscious with positive statements.
  • Find solutions to your problems internally.
  • Create a beautiful flow throughout your life.
  • Connect with your inner cheerleader.  

Confident Purpose

Hypnosis Three

What's next now that the pain is gone, you've dealt with the mindset gremlins, and you've uncovered and dealt with the hidden trauma and limiting beliefs?

You build your confidence, feeling empowered as a leader so you can perform at your peak and enjoy your successes. 

In Part 3 you will:

  • Reprogram your subconscious with powerful confidence beliefs.
  • Embrace assertiveness.
  • Learn to value and meet your needs in all areas of your life.
  • Visualise your limitless future.
  • Lovingly embrace yourself and joyfully step into your purpose.

What's included in this series & what to expect.

A trio of personally tried and tested transformative hypnosis audios based on what helped me on my own personal journey to be a leader in life, and business, and show up unapologetically, happy, and with inner peace. And what helps my clients to show up as a peak performer in life and business.

If you're finding it increasingly harder to smash through the self-imposed glass ceiling to your next level success it could be the result of self-sabotage fuelled by childhood conditioning, broken belief systems, societal rules and learned negative behaviours.  

Each hypnosis, lovingly and carefully created by me, can help you live without daily struggles. 

These hypnosis can help you not only find peace and calm to step into your next level success, but, if you have any hidden or known trauma these hypnosis can help your healing journey on your way to personal transformation.

Plus you get a downloadable PDF detailing each hypnosis, what to do for successful self-hypnosis and a brief explanation on Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.

Whether you take advantage of the savings and on all 3 hypnosis or invest in the one that speaks to you, you'll benefit from powerful deep personal transformation.

Hypnosis involves deeply relaxing your mind and body before concentrating on thoughts and images to reprogram cognitive behaviours. It's not magic, nor does it happen to you. You're an active participant in the process you'll learn a lifelong skill.

  • Each powerful cognitive behavioural hypnosis is between 30 - 40 minutes long.
  • Listen in a comfortable environment where you won't be disturbed.
  • Sit or lie, eyes closed or with soft focus, and do not drive.

You're in control and can easily come out of hypnosis at any time. You'll never stay stuck in hypnosis or do anything that your subconscious does not want you to do.

Use the hypnosis as and when you want. The more you listen the deeper your healing and the quicker you'll discover Inner Peace, Flow and Purpose.

PURCHASE ALL 3 HYPNOSIS - £85 (saving over £10)

Hello, I'm Elizabeth

A highly intuitive Peak Performance Therapist and Coach helping high calibre senior leaders soar to phenomenal heights.

My intuition often allows me to see the burden of your pain and limitations before you're even consciously aware. I walk alongside you as you explore your inner world and commit to becoming limitless, fearless, free and unapologetic.

Sometimes referred to as a mind magician and miracle worker by my clients, I can help you live a life of peace, flow and purpose.

I know what it's like wearing a mask of happy, life-is-perfect, pretence day in, day out. I did it for several years whilst dealing with narcissistic people in my personal life, and holding down a national, senior HR role in a toxic work environment.

I know the pain of resolving trauma, but I am a survivor. Hypnotherapy helped me turn inwards, find and believe in myself, and heal my soul.

I am an experienced Certified Coach and Therapist with specialist training in several different therapeutic modalities to help you transform your life.

Now it's your time to live with Peace, Flow & Purpose. 

PURCHASE YOUR TRIO OF HYPNOSIS - £85 (saving over £10)

What clients are saying...

“My cup doesn't run on empty anymore as I'm pacing myself. It's all thanks to you that I am pacing myself, slowing down, making time for me, learning, growing and developing myself.”


“I'm really very grateful that I have these resources as part of my journey, I feel so much more resilient and less anxious already.”


"I was suppressed for such a long time and now I am addressing my inner thoughts and I feel more normal. I realise that it's OK to feel the way I do and I can help myself to believe differently.”


“That was amazing, I feel so calm and relaxed, I never realised how stressed I felt in my body until this. I was carrying so much tension in my neck and shoulders. It's all gone, kind of melted away.”


“I've been struggling most of my adult life and I believe listening to the hypnosis has helped me lift a dark cloud. I feel confident in myself now and know the more I listen the more my confidence will increase.”