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Turn the pages of a beautifully crafted guide to find empowering affirmations and thought provoking journal prompts curated to help you explore who you are right now and give you a strong sense of self-efficacy to enhance your accomplishments and personal well being in many ways. When you are still and quiet listen as your inner wisdom guides you. 

Helping you strengthen self-hypnosis and master deep relaxation skills with 30 days of empowering journal prompts and affirmations.

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Trio of Life Changing Trauma Recovery Hypnosis

Set yourself free from your emotional pain, limited mindset, negative thinking & feeling stuck to discover Inner Peace, Flow and Purpose in everyday life.

A series of empowering and deeply healing trauma recovery hypnosis to help you let go of body tension, emotional pain, inner conflict, anxiety, pressures, worry, stressors, self-blame, shame and confusion and turn inward to meet your unapologetic, true & limitless self.

You'll experience powerful visualisations and deep relaxation hypnosis like no other to move you from pain and limitations towards your limitless potential and endless possibilities.

What you'll get:

1 x Inner Peace Hypnosis

  • Learn how to let go of tension and relax each muscle of your body so you can feel calm from the inside out. 
  • Unburden yourself from emotional pain to finally let go of shame and guilt.
  • Regulate your nervous system so you recognise what safety feels like.
  • Discover Deep Inner Peace to live in ease every day.

1 x Find your Flow Hypnosis

  • Clear your mind of overwhelm
  • Move from confusion, self-blame and negative mindset
  • Programme your subconscious with positive statements
  • Create a beautiful flow throughout your life.  

1 x Confident Purpose

  • Reprogram your subconscious with powerful confidence beliefs
  • Free yourself from anxiety, worry & low self-worth
  • Design, visualise and feel into being your best self
  • See and step into your limitless future
  • Lovingly embrace this confident version of you and confidently step into your purpose